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2015-07-30 04:39:54

365 days a year

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2015-07-30 04:39:55

Need a master key system? If you manage a large premises then you’ll know the hassle of carrying a huge set of keys everywhere you go all too well

When you need to be able to get everywhere quickly, you need a master key system. Using the master keys a select few people can access anything with a single key. This adaptable system can cater from as few as 10 to as many as 1500 different locks.

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Master keys for proprietary access:

  • 100 different locks, master key fits all
  • Full records of keys kept by us
  • Perfect for schools, hospitals, retirement homes and businesses

Call 0151 922 4085 >>

Gold key in someone's hands

2015-07-30 04:40:07

Master keys for all of Merseyside

Easy access to everything
with a master
key system

Liverpool: 0151 922 4085Wirral: 0151 203 5987